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Our Latest Event - The Experience of War

Yesterday, we were fortunate enough to be invited to a special event in Centralia, Washington. The event, titled "The Experience War: World War I to Iraq and Afghanistan was a walk through of the first "Great War" and gave us parallels to today's recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Usually, our events would just involve us reading out loud, telling our own stories and adding our little insights here and there. It was emotionally jarring to participate in and to watch.

This time book editor, Jeb Wyman, started off the event talking about the things that led to the outbreak of World War I, what led to the United State's involvement, and the horrors that those soldiers faced one hundred years ago.

Jeb Wyman speaks.

The presentation would soon give way to veterans who served in our countries most recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Each would take a turn telling their own stories and sharing the similarities and differences of those experiences compared to what those soldiers from World War One may have endured.

Following their presentations, the audience had the opportunity to engage each of the participants with questions, and purchase a signed copy of the book.

Dominic Wilkerson chats with an audience member who was an Air Force Veteran.

It was certainly a different sort of event for us and little more lighthearted. Thank you so much to Centralia Timberland Library for asking us to participate you event. We enjoyed it very much.

Group photo of event participants.

Participants included:

Jeb Wyman, Editor of What They Signed Up For: True Stories by Ordinary Soldiers

And storytellers Brandon Mitalas, Robin Eckstein, Dennis Eller, Mike Farnum, Joe Stone Sr., and Dominic Wilkerson

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