Our Mission: Educate others about the real experiences of war and the battles military veterans continue to face after coming home. 

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Proceeds from sales and donations are used to distribute free copies of What They Signed Up For: True Stories by Ordinary Soldiers to veterans and their families, veteran organizations, service providers, and student groups.  Our mission is to inspire other veterans to tell their own stories and to inform civilians about the veteran experience.

Only the Dead See the End of War

Justin Shults was nine years old when Mount Pinatubo, just 23 miles away, erupted in the Philippines. His father, who had been a US Air Force officer, had died in an accident when Justin was seven. His mom, a filipina and a widow, moved with Justin and his brother to California. The attacks on September 11 motivated Justin to enlist in the Air Force himself, and he flew helicopters over most of Iraq, ferrying special ops troops and civilian casualties, some of whom were children. He deployed to Afghanistan for a year, then remained in-country for another year and a half as a contractor training the Afghan Air Force. He stayed in Afghanistan, he said, because it was the only place he "could w

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