Our Mission: Educate others about the real experiences of war and the battles military veterans continue to face after coming home. 

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Proceeds from sales and donations are used to distribute free copies of What They Signed Up For: True Stories by Ordinary Soldiers to veterans and their families, veteran organizations, service providers, and student groups.  Our mission is to inspire other veterans to tell their own stories and to inform civilians about the veteran experience.

'I Already Know Why You're Here'

One of the men looks down at my pregnant belly, the great curve of our unborn child inside me. I can see the panic in his eyes, and I suddenly feel deep pity for him. The other man looks at me, fixes his eyes on my eyes, a sad, determined expression on his face. “Ma’am. Are you Mrs. Danielle Wells?” I don’t answer; I don’t make a sound. I look back into his eyes and nod my head, slowly, once. "Ma'am, the Secretary of the Army..."" ~ Danielle Villanueva, Army Spouse and former US Navy veteran. To read more of Danielle's story and to read others like it go to our publisher Blue Ear Books or Amazon to purchase. Veterans, request a free copy.

On the Air - Let's listen up!

On September 22nd, book editor, Jeb Wyman will be making a guest appearance on KSER 90.7 FM (Everett, WA) from 4-5 PM to talk about What They Signed Up For: True Stories By Ordinary Soldiers. You can listen to the live stream from their website.

The One Thing She Was Put On This Earth To Do

It was after 1 a.m. The phone rang and rang, and then she answered, said, “Hello, whatʼs going on, Brandon?” There was no hiding the trembling in my voice. I told her about the car following me on the way to the store. About the yellow floodlight and the cloud of smoke and how that put me back at the airport in Kuwait among the Fallen Angels, alone in their aluminum coffins. I told her I was struggling, bad. I told her I wasnʼt sure I was going to make it through the night. - Brandon Mitalas, See more of Brandon's story in What They Signed Up For: True Stories by Ordinary Soldiers.

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