What They Signed Up For: True Stories By Ordinary Soldiers

For many combat veterans, the war didn’t end when they took off their uniform. The psychological ravages of combat are as old as war, and although we now call it “post-traumatic stress disorder,” the invisible wounds of war run deeper, and are more painful, than America wants to know. War burdens the men and women who experience it with unbearable guilt for having survived when their brothers in arms did not. War causes “moral injury,” a wound to the heart from experiencing war’s indifference to our belief in right and wrong. Our veterans aren’t dying only on the battlefield—the cost of war continues back home. 


This book provides an in-depth look into the lives and experiences of both men and women who served, and is highly recommended reading for those seeking to understand more.


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What They Signed Up For: True Stories By Ordinary Soldiers

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